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SMOKE ANYWHERE! Looks, Feels, &
Tastes Like a
Real Cigarette

Now you can smoke anywhere. VAPORFUME allows you to relax and smoke in non-designated smoking areas. Relax and enjoy this amazing Electronic Ecig. Airports - Restaurants - Nightclubs - Hotels - Bars
We offer a Lifetime
Warranty on our ecig.
1 Rechargeable Lithium Battery
1 Stainless Steel Atomizer
6 Full Flavoured Cartridges
Wall Charging Unit
Life Time Warranty
What is an Electronic Cigarette? The VAPORFUME is a revolutionary electronic smoking device designed as a better smoking alternative to traditional tobacco cigarettes. Using advanced technology, the VAPORFUME allows one the freedom to smoke virtually anywhere, without the flame, ash, tar, or carbon monoxide found in traditional tobacco cigarettes. With no offensive second-hand smoke, this smokeless product offers a safer, greener environment for both the user and the non-smoking community.
E-Cigarettes offer many benefits, including the savings only smokeless cigarettes can offer. The smokeless cigarette system will save you money!

VAPORFUME offers many benefits, including savings that only electronic cigarettes can offer! Don't spend thousands of dollars on pack after pack of expensive brand cigarettes. All you need is one pack and the long lasting flavor cartridges. Take the Ignite one-year challenge and see how much money stays in your pocket. arrow

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